The Outlaw Project is based on the principles of intersectionality and prioritizes the leadership of Transgender Women, BIPOC, gender non-binary, migrant and sex worker folks.  Ensuring our rights and health as a first step will ensure the rights and health of all. We believe that accessible, safe and secure housing is the best way to support our community. 


The Outlaw Project is the culmination of three years of planning by coordinator Monica Jones and supporting advocates. The project is named in honor of Sharmus Outlaw. Sharmus was a tireless advocate and fighter for the rights of Trans Women and sex workers. Sharmus was a Black Trans Woman of Color and sex worker who passed away on July 7, 2016. In spite of her organizing and community involvement, she passed away in unstable housing and financial insecurity. Read more about Sharmus here.

The Outlaw Project was founded to mitigate the dire circumstances that frequently affect our people. In order to ensure the rights and health of BIPOC Trans Women and sex workers, we are building transitional housing. Our first project is in Tucson, AZ, with a lot set to have 2 tiny homes and a main house with an office and emergency guest room. This land has been purchased and is being renovated. See Timeline of Progress for updates.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, The Outlaw Project pivoted to getting Trans Women of Color into housing immediately. Much of our funds went to housing women in hotels and apartments. We are now looking to build a community space, first in Tucson, then in Phoenix and beyond.

The Outlaw Project works on the following priority areas: emergency housing, economic justice for self sufficiency; harm reduction and health promotion; community-led solutions to violence, mitigating the impact of oppression because of criminalization, decriminalization of sex work and the removal of other repressive laws and policies.

Our Location

We purchased our first property in the Spring of 2021 in Tucson, AZ, and we are thrilled to be in the process of building and renovating. It’s been a ton of work, and we are so grateful to all the amazing community members who have shown up for us. We have been absolutely floored by the love, work, skill and commitment of the folks that have been a part of the project so far. Thanks to them, we plan to open the doors to our first tiny home by late summer 2022. Follow our instagram for regular updates! 

Timeline of Progress

2021 - Late Spring
The Purchase

Purchased a “fixer upper” home with a large enough yard to build two tiny homes

Taking Out Trash

Cleaned and cleared two large roll of dumpsters of trash with the help of 10 volunteers

Beginning Renovations

Housed two WOC community members in the emergency guest room while renovations began. All windows replaced and shower installed.

TC Joins

Brought on TC Tolbert as Project Princess. TC is a white, trans, queer poet and builder friend who is excited to learn and support and get the house up and running (who is, full disclosure, writing these housing notes). When TC came on, the house had been broken into several times (some volunteers’ tools were stolen) and the fence had been demolished. The first priority was making the property safe for housing our community.

October - November
Volunteer Day

Rebuilt fence. Installed bars on windows. Held a volunteer day where we cleared over 10,000 pounds of debris from house and yard. Over 30 volunteers participated.

Nov 2021 - Jan 2022
Gas and Electric

Gas repaired to code (now the house has heat and hot water!), electrical panel upgraded to code (now we can run the fans and lights simultaneously!), kitchen plumbing repaired to code (now we can use the sink!), over 20 holes in drywall repaired (no more unwanted critter visits!), installed kitchen cabinets and functional stove (meals can be made!), painted floors, walls, and ceilings (it’s now a welcoming space!), replaced toilet (it now flushes!), and our Founder/ED moved in to begin work on site!

Up To Code

We are now regularly meeting with an architect and contractors to design and build tiny homes that meet code and will be safe and welcoming, according to our budget.


We will submit plans to the city for approval and obtain permits.

Breaking Ground

We plan to break ground on the tiny homes and have them functional by late summer 2022.

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