Our project in Tucson, AZ is underway and we welcome volunteers in both physical and virtual capacity. We regularly hold fundraisers, work days, and need online and social media support. Let us know if you’d like to be involved! Also, if you’d rather work virtually, we always need folx to share our GofundMe and get the word out. Please feel free to share with your communities – we’d love that!


We are especially looking for Trans, Non-binary, Femme of Center, and Queer builders and tradespeople to support, guide, and help with construction of the tiny homes. If this is you, please do reach out! Allies and accomplices are also encouraged and welcome to join in. 
We also need folx to help set up a vegetable garden and help with general landscaping.
If you would like to host a fundraiser for The Outlaw Project, we’d be thrilled to help you set that up. Please holler!